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We supply various types of chemicals specialties like mould release agent for moulded polyurethanes applications, tyres, moulded rubber, MDF boards, melamine impregnation, glass bottles and metal die castings release agents. We are distributors for Ecomate, a replacement products for 141B blowing agent for polyurethanes applications. Distributors for Schütze Fine Spray Gun.K C Spec Chem Sdn Bhd has developed niche market particularly in the supply of all types of polyurethanes moulded products for release agent in automotive industry, furniture industry, tyres and moulded rubber manufacturer, fibreboard (MDF), glass and metal die casting release agent.


CONCENTROL is a chemical company which has more than 200 products that play a part in various manufacturing and production processes, and today many of these products are international market leaders.

Technical Advanced Group (TAG Chemicals) is your ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certified partner for special chemicals, with a focus on release agents and additives.

Alfred Schutze as a medium-sized company,specialized for more than 85 years in designing and manufacturing spray guns, spray valves and material supply systems for the application of different fluids.

Ecomate® is an environmentally friendly blowing agent with no global warming potential (GWP), no ozone depletion potential (ODP) and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so it does not contribute to smog production.

Applied Chemistry GmbH (ACHEM - Angewandte Chemie GmbH) was founded in 1999 as a company specialising in diecasting foundry separation materials and special parting agents.